Schscht, Koosje Schmeddes
Schscht, Koosje Schmeddes
The Floor Is Yours Until It’s Mine

Persian carpet, handrails chrome


The Persian carpet is counted among the earliest elements of applied art. Meanwhile, it disappears from the European market almost unnoticed, a telling fact in this surrealistic installation that symbolises the rapidly changing global era we live in.

Where time used to take one or more generations to make a revolution, today new evolutions follow each other in rapid succession. Do we improve what is already there or do we go for tabula rasa?

A domestic Persian rug suddenly changes by adding handrails from a swimming pool. Although the cold streamlined element is at odds with the look of the carpet, there is a nice symbiosis of past and present.

This work unconventionally poses the open question of what replaces the old? How does evolution take place? Which things are kept, which are modified or added?

Schscht, Koosje Schmeddes, The Floor is yours until it's mine