Whistle Me, Koosje Schmeddes Schscht
Whistle Me Koosje Schmeddes, Schscht
Whistle Me


The artwork consists of two police or referee whistles, uniquely combined by carefully putting their mouthpieces together. This unconventional union challenges the established purpose of these objects, making them unusable and transforming them into a powerful symbol of unity and collective voice.

Moreover, the juxtaposition of police or referee whistles within “Whistle Me” also raises broader socio-political questions surrounding power dynamics and the role of authority in society. By subverting their original context, the artwork challenges the traditional notions of control.

The artwork challenges the notion that security is an absolute state. By using humor as a vehicle, this artwork encourages everyone to reflect on the paradoxical nature of security and the delicate balance between safeguarding oneself and embracing the spontaneity of life. It prompts us to consider the limits of our own fears.