schscht, Koosje Schmeddes
Schscht, Koosje Schmeddes
Schscht, Koosje Schmeddes
Scenery 1: me and I


2 ceramic sinks, 2 taps, black hair, blond hair, 2 towels

Two identical sinks with identical faucets transform the gallery space into a homely and cozy scene that seems to have been left behind in the middle of the action, while the faucets are still open. But there is also a menacing edge to this evocation of domestic comfort: from the faucets flow two differently colored braids of hair, symbolizing a direct expression of our identity.

This work takes up the ways in which the image of our identity is shaped and refracted through external factors such as culture, perception, mass media and entertainment. It’s no surprise, then, that the installation has the form of a stage set. How do we see ourselves in our own little world of a bathroom? How do others see us and how do we want to be seen? What do we do and don’t we do to build an identity, what decisions do we make in the process and what role does the outside world play in this?

This work challenges the viewer to feel the mutual influence and connection between the outside world and the domestic micro cosmos.