Happy Bribe Hour


Led neon

60 x 60 cm

The neon sign “Happy Bribe Hour” stands as a provocative artistic creation that challenges our perceptions of power, corruption, and the moral compromises often made in pursuit of personal gain. With its vibrant illumination and contrasting message, this piece serves as a visual paradox, inviting viewers to question the underlying societal dynamics and ethical complexities that lie beneath the surface.

The juxtaposition of the words “Happy” and “Bribe” sparks immediate intrigue, confronting us with a collision of emotions and moral dilemmas. Through this sign, Schscht explores the subtle shades of gray that exist in our collective understanding of what is acceptable, ethical, and just. It prompts us to examine the fine line between personal happiness and the compromises we may be tempted to make along the way.

The medium of neon amplifies the sign’s impact. The vivid colors and luminous glow draw attention, symbolizing the allure and seduction of personal gain. Who is not attracted by ‘happy hour’?

“Happy Bribe Hour!” challenges viewers to confront their own complicity in a system that may encourage unethical practices. It prompts us to consider the consequences of our actions and the choices we make.

The impact of bribery lasts unfortunately longer than an hour, at its worst it is a life-time problem which undermines security and safety of everyone.