Passwords unveiled

2023 In a digital age where the boundaries between the virtual and physical realms blur, Schscht presents “Passwords Unveiled” – … Lees Meer

Domestic Affairs

240 X 165 X 180 cm Flagpoles, polished marble, Persian carpet, felt, sisal, foam rubber 2022 Domestic means both internal … Lees Meer

‘Walk The Line’ series

Walk The Line is a series of spatial interventions inspired by the general commandment -PLEASE DO NOT CROSS- known from … Lees Meer


↑↑ THIS SIDE UP ↑↑ 60x155x5 cm2022Neon on frame ↑↑ THIS SIDE UP ↑↑ is a mirror of society that … Lees Meer


Inter Rinus Van de Velde, Bozar Brussels 2022 Inter Correction from Ignasi Aballí, Spanish Pavilion Venice 2022 Inter is a … Lees Meer